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A safe workplace is a positive and productive workplace

Here at Stratton Safety, we have assisted many clients in establishing effective approaches to building safe systems of work across many industries. We understand the Work Health and Safety legislation and the implications for your workplaces. Let us help you to meet your duty of care “as far as is reasonably practicable.”

We all know the oft repeated phrase: “we want all workers to go home safely”. And we DO! Workplaces with well-organised safety systems have other advantages too. They are often staffed by happier, more cohesive teams. They are often more creative and productive operations. They are often workplaces with good reputations, where workers feel valued and included.

Why choose Stratton Safety?

Some clients make contact with Stratton Safety because they realise their health and safety systems may have gaps and they want to resolve these gaps proactively to avoid harm or loss.

Other clients contact Stratton Safety because they have had a significant incident or injury in the workplace. These are often terrible times and dreadful events that of course “could never happen to us”. Very often these situations are made even more stressful by the necessary, but daunting intervention of SafeWork SA, the health and safety regulator for South Australia.

Sadly, most of these events are not unique. Typically, they have occurred elsewhere, or maybe in the same workplace that is now in turmoil. Investigations always highlight the early warning signs that were missed or ignored.

Nevertheless, at Stratton Safety, we have experience in enabling you to manage the requirements of SafeWork SA in the event of these notifiable and dangerous incidents.

Call Stratton Safety on 0405 321 874 so we can help you to be proactive and to manage the outcomes of serious events.

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