Staff participate in Safety Training

Have you provided appropriate training for your staff?

One of the many legal duties of care that a workplace owes to workers is to “provide information, training, instruction and supervision” in relation to the work being undertaken. If your workplace is not training workers about the work being done, you are already in breach of your legal duty of care.

Stratton Safety can assist you by developing relevant and legislatively compliant training programs which have the dual benefit of helping you meet your duty of care and ensuring good work practices. This will enhance the health and safety of workers and you may notice other productivity and engagement benefits too.

We're your partner in workplace safety training

Stratton Safety partners with a registered training organisation and can specifically provide your teams with:

Other training can be tailored for your specific needs. To find out more about how Stratton Safety can deliver training specific to the needs of your business, contact us today!

Young apprentices in technical vocational training are taught by older trainers on a cnc lathes machine