Welcome to Spring!


Lewis StrattonAfter a cold, wet winter, I am happy to see the promise of fine weather in the near future.  In my other life as a SCUBA diver and instructor, warmer waters are definitely welcome!

Spring is a good time to think about some of those looming seasonal WHS risks, such as;

  • UV exposure / heat stress
  • bushfire risks
  • exposure to dust and allergens, etc.

Take time to re-familiarise workers with procedures, and review how well your current controls protect them.

Lewis Stratton – Approved WHS Consultant

Lewis Stratton, Director Stratton Safety
Lewis Stratton,
Director Stratton Safety

UPDATE:  Section 68 of the WHS Act (SA) was amended, effective 5 March 2018, to allow a Health and Safety Representative (HSR) to seek the assistance of any person “in exercising a power or performing a function…” (S68 (2)(g).

Sections 68 (4) and 68 (6) have been removed from the 5.3.2018 version of the WHS Act.  These clauses previously limited the HSR to seeking help from a person in the workplace, or a representative of the PCBU, or an approved WHS Consultant.

These amendments make the South Australian legislation more consistent with other WHS jurisdictions.

Nonetheless, Stratton Safety is pleased to continue to offer a FREE consultation service to elected Health and Safety Representatives. Call us now!

August 2016 article below

I am pleased to let you know that I have been approved by SafeWork SA as an Approved WHS Consultant.  An elected Health and Safety Representative can call me for advice on any work health and safety matter and I will provide advice confidentially and free of charge.

SafeWork SA describe the function as follows;

Section 68(2)(g) of the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (‘the WHS Act’) prescribes that in exercising a power or performing a function, a Health and Safety Representative (HSR) may seek the assistance of any person. Any person is prescribed in section 68(4) of the WHS Act and includes a consultant who has been approved by the Industrial Relations Consultative Council (the Council). Section 68(6) of the WHS Act defines consultant as: ‘A person who is, by his or her experience or qualifications, suitably qualified to advise on issues relating to work health, safety or welfare.