Does your business have written policies and procedures in place?

Planning is the component in which workplaces consider the kinds of health and safety risks arising from their operations, and document how they will manage these.

Of course, this means having legislatively compliant policies, procedures and safe operating procedures, job safety and environment analyses and other instructive and guidance materials.

When SafeWork SA investigates a workplace after a notifiable incident, one of the many things that is frequently noted, is a lack of documentation. This means that workers may approach the same task very differently. Some will be aware of some risks, and others may not be aware. Combined with factors such as work pressures, fatigue, harsh work environments and so forth, it can be very tempting to rush through a task as quickly as possible without recognising serious risks.

Stratton Safety will help you develop your documentation so that workers can be consistently trained in good practice to the point of having great “safety habits”. To find out more about effective safety policies and procedures for your business, contact Stratton Safety today.

Effective health and safety systems have five key components:


Leadership Commitment






Measurement and Evaluation, and


System Review and improvement