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Understand incidents and prevent future risks through health and safety investigations

Workplace health and safety investigations are a critical element in maintaining a healthy and safe workplace. An investigation will provide a road map to safer processes, systems and activities.

Most investigations can be carried out in house, whilst others require a more intensive, structured and detailed approach. Too often, when a near miss occurs in a workplace, a worker may breathe a sigh of relief, dust themselves off and walk away from the incident. A near miss with the potential for harm to a worker should be investigated in the same way as an actual injury.

Stratton Safety can help you investigate significant incidents.

Some incidents are regarded by the regulator as notifiable incidents. Notifiable incidents are those involving death, serious illness or injury, or dangerous occurrences. The Work Health and Safety Act provides extended detail about what these incidents might look like.

Serious incidents, including notifiable incidents must be subject to rigorous investigation. At Stratton Safety our consultants are trained Incident Causation and Analysis Methodology (ICAM) investigators.

Call Stratton Safety for help with conducting your workpalce safety investigations.

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