Health and Safety is a 24/7 Commitment

I was out walking on the weekend and saw 2 glaring examples of fall risks, less than 100 metres apart. The first image is of a pool construction site.  The contractor is balancing on a very narrow ledge in front of the fence, approximately 2.5 metres above the ground.  Whilst fall protection is not required in South Australia for potential drops that are less than 3 metres, there is still a duty of care to have safe systems of work.  Moments before this photo was taken, the worker was leaning out mid-air over the upright reinforcing rods.  OUCH!!

Contractor risking a fall onto upright reinforcing rods.





This second photo is of a homeowner doing some maintenance on the front of his home.  His feet are approximately 4.5 metres above the ladder feet.  The ladder feet are placed on a narrow step and the top of the ladder is not secured.  Note he is not wearing any fall protection. A sideways or backwards fall for this enterprising homeowner could very well be fatal, given the terrain and hard surfaces below.

Take the time to look after your own safety.  A life changing accident is no good for anyone!

How not to use a ladder image. Not tied off and no fall protection.


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