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When was the last time you reviewed your workplace safety compliance?

One of the many legal duties of care that a workplace owes to workers is to “provide a safe workplace”. This includes indoor and outdoor environments, and where relevant, the safe management of mobile plants. This duty also extends to ensuring the safe use, handling, maintenance and storage of machinery and equipment and chemicals as well as the provision and maintenance of safe structures.

If your workplace is not monitoring compliance with these duties, you are already in breach of your legal duty of care and may be at risk of liability or penalties.

Stratton Safety will help you understand your obligations

Stratton Safety can assist you by developing relevant and legislatively compliant workplace inspection protocols which identify issues to be resolved and processes to manage corrective actions arising from these inspections.

If you’re unsure about whether your business is compliant or would like to know if your current practises meet the legislative requirements, contact Stratton Safety to find out more.

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