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When was the last time you completed a workplace safety audit?

Here at Stratton Safety we can provide a range of work health and safety and management system audits. Our auditors are certified by recognised certification assessment bodies to conduct management system and health and safety audits.

There are many types of audits, but let’s talk about internal audits first. An internal audit helps you to confirm how well your health and safety processes and systems are working. The value of this activity is that it allows you to identify problems before an adverse event occurs in the workplace. Have an effective internal audit programme can also significantly reduce the penalties incurred in the event of a prosecution by the health and safety regulator.

Stratton Safety handle auditing to ensure your workplace is compliant

External audits are also available for companies that are required to be certified against management standards. These management standards may be health and safety related, quality or environmental. The value of certification for companies with more than 200 employees is that you can reduce the cost of workers compensation payments by becoming a self-insured employer.

You may need other kinds of audits to be conducted in your workplace. We can assist with gap audits and legislative audits and third-party internal audits where you engage us to conduct your internal order programme.

Call Stratton Safety. We will help you keep your eye on the ball.

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